Cell Tower Modernization – Angola Project

18 January 2017
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Modernization is a crucial component to building an LTE and 5G ready Networks.  Vulcan Point’s Cell Tower solutions can propagate further, making it ideal for building a very fast coverage network that can reach for miles in rural areas and penetrate walls and urban locations.  The following presentation shows Vulcan Point’s capability rollout:

Cell Tower Modernization – Luanda, Angola

Vulcan Point Corporation, a Houston, TX based Information Technology company, today announced a strategic partnership to introduce a Wireless Telecommunication Technology solution for Luanda, Angola. Vulcan Point specializes project management and deployment of cell towers for organizations globally.

Angola-based market research firm LCF predicts that wireless services in Angola will grow significantly, bolstered by 80% annual growth in 4G LTE connections and 5G ready infrastructure over the next five years with millions of subscribers in 2020.

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