Wireless Base Stations

Tower Site


Each tower is different due to its geographic location and wind-loading capabilities. Capacity. Height. Wind load. Weight. Coverage. Environmental conditions. Soil foundation. All of these factors impact your choices of equipment and technology.

Work with our dedicated knowledgeable sales team, which has the technical expertise to help you define your requirements and choose the correct products for your application.

Let us simplify your projects by providing complete solutions, assembled from the largest selection of in-stock products from the right brands.

Rooftop Site


The rapid spread of wireless networks has created the need for mounting to structures beyond towers and monopoles. A rooftop is often an ideal location, especially in suburban and urban areas.

Each roof and rooftop installation is unique. Roof layout, zoning requirements, prevailing weather conditions and other details may not be the same in every location requiring a site. Your mounting solution may need to change from roof to roof.

While rooftops usually provide the required installation height, there are many special considerations when planning an installation on a rooftop. These include the challenges of getting your materials to the rooftop, protecting the roof from weather and other damage, providing uninterrupted power, securing and protecting installed materials, and grounding the site.

Count on our experienced sales team and solution architects to help you design the perfect installation for your unique environment.

Water Tower Utility Tower Site


The strategic locations of water and utility towers in suburban and rural environments, as well as their height, often make these sites an ideal place to install a wireless network.

The rapid spread of wireless networks and increased demand has created the need for using existing structures, rather than new towers and monopoles. Vulcan Point offers a wide variety of mounting and cable support options for water and utility towers and other existing structures.

Mobile Towers


Mobile towers are the perfect solutions for special events, disaster recovery, network expansion, and remote communication. Rapid restoration of wireless connections for voice, Internet access, and video allows emergency services to be implemented where they are most needed.

Cellular Coverage & Capacity

Home Office


When your home is also your office, poor cellular coverage becomes a business liability.  Adding a consumer cellular signal booster amplifies tower signals and retransmits a stronger signal. Vulcan Point stocks a complete line of ready-to-install, FCC-approved residential signal booster kits. With only four basic components, these straight forward solutions are installed similar to a typical cable TV installation. A variety of solutions are available to cover a vehicle, a single room or building up to 50,000 square feet.

Commercial Small Office


A building's structure can actually be the cause of poor cellular coverage within its walls.  Signal boosters eliminate dead zones and increase signal strength for a better user experience. Vulcan Point offers a complete line of signal boosters, as well as the technical expertise to supplement your design and engineering efforts. At Vulcan Point we work to help you win business and grow your expertise by assisting you with proposals, FCC registration and carrier coordination.

Commercial & Industrial


For larger buildings and multi-story applications, active solutions ensure a higher quality of service over a managed range of spectrum and they increase capacity for a greater number of simultaneous users. Vulcan Point works with VARS, contractors, tower owners and property owners to assist in the design, proposal, and build-out of active DAS solutions.

Large Venue


When you're dealing with coverage, capacity and multiple carriers you need end-to-end expertise.  Large venue projects require some of the most massive and complex DAS deployments, combining indoor and outdoor coverage, and the highest level of carrier coordination.Our portfolio has allowed Vulcan Point to develop a flexible supply chain model that provides staging, kitting, third-party logistics and transparent program management linking manufacturers with contractors and VARs and connecting program managers with carriers.



Make sure smartphone-savvy students and employees with big data needs have coverage. The scalability and ability to provide multiple mobile service providers access across a single architecture make active fiber DAS solutions ideal for campus environments, both educational and business. Vulcan Point's supply chain expertise can be customized to meet your project's requirements. And our solutions engineers work tirelessly to align the latest solutions with your challenges. We can support your design, proposal and procurement efforts from the initial RFP to testing and turn up.

Public Safety


Make sure first responders can communicate when it's most critical. Ensuring in-building coverage for first responders adds another layer onto your overall coverage design.  Not only do you need to cover areas which may not be at the top of the list for everyday users, stairwells for example, but you also need to ensure coverage of public safety frequencies, such as UHF, VHF, 700 and 800 MHz. Vulcan Point can help align the latest solutions with your customers' challenges. We support your design, proposal and procurement efforts from design and testing and turn up.

Mobile Devices & Accessories

Available Products


  • Batteries, Chargers & Cables
  • Cases & Protection Accessories
  • Screen Protection
  • Memory & Data
  • Smart Accessories
  • Hands-Free Products
  • Audio & Music Accessories
  • Retail Merchandising
  • Two-Way Radios & Accessories
  • Mobile Antennas & Amplifiers
  • Vehicle Mounts

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